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Posted by on Nov 5, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Extra Arms – Up From Here

Extra Arms – Up From Here

The latest by Extra Arms is here and much like previous efforts, Ryan Allen finds that sweet spot between punk and pop. While you can hear punk influences, harmonies and hooks make Up From Here a much more satisfying experience than your average punk or pop release. And just like 2018’s Headacher, you’ll want to turn it up to 11.

Recorded in just five days earlier this year, the recording has an urgency that demands your attention. Likely born of the dissolution of his marriage last year, “F.L.Y.” is raw and visceral, shaking the listener. “Secret Friend” has the kind of rough edges that made those fabulous Sugar or Husker Du songs so impactful.

Extra Arms are at their best when they play the power pop card, though. The guitar crunch of “Comes In Waves” and the hooky pre-chorus make this one a keeper. “No Enemies” has a monster hook of a chorus and the emotive energy to make it a hit in another place and time. Similarly, “Hold Me (All the Time)”, has the sonic qualities that make it immediately radio friendly. And lyrically, it’s excellent, too.

While there are only 8 tracks, it’s evident that it’s for good reason – quality control. There’s no fat here as every track on Extra Arms’ Up From Here is a keeper. You can find a vinyl or digital version of Up From Here at Extra Arms’ bandcamp page. GET IT.