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Posted by on Nov 19, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Rich Williams – The Art of the Empty Room

Rich Williams – The Art of the Empty Room

Rich Williams hits all the right notes with his new one entitled The Art of the Empty Room. While his overall sound might be described as something closer to folk-pop, his ability to write a catchy hook (and the frequency with which he does so) make The Art of the Empty Room a cross-over hit for this power pop fan.  

Williams paints colorful vignettes of years gone by, not only with his words but with a smooth, pleasing voice. This is immediately evident with the album’s opening track, the power poppy “Lost in Baltimore”. It’s a melodic, 3 1/2 minute gem.

Things slow down a tad with “She Turned Around” but it’s engaging chorus make it an ideal track leading into “Sporting Man”, a song with guitars and harmonies enough to make any power pop fan smile.  

Other highlights include the bluesy “Shadows of You”, the catchy “New Girl in the City” and a song that I really identify with, “Rick’s Philly Shuffle (If I Had a Dime)”.

It’s worth noting that power pop veteran Jamie Hoover mans the producer’s chair so you know the production is top shelf. Bottom line: If the hooks don’t get ya, Williams’ voice will.

You can get your copy of Rich Williams’ The Art of the Empty Room at CD Baby and other leading online retailers.