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Posted by on Jan 9, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

2019’s first EP: The Ego Ritual

2019’s first EP: The Ego Ritual

With the first new music of the year landing on my desk, it’s time to flip the calendar….to 1968. Jim Styring’s new project called The Ego Ritual (you’ll remember him from The Popdogs and B-Leaguers) is quite literally a blast from the past. Here’s how Jim tells it:

William James Ward, our guitarist, I hadn’t seen for many years. One day he turns up at my door with a guitar and says, ‘let’s write some songs’ So that’s exactly what we did! Gaz Wilde, our drummer, I had known through other projects, as he owns the studio we record at. He’s a great drummer and an excellent sound engineer and producer.”

The opening track, “Chakra Maraka”, is a sonic joy ride. The sitar-esque intro lures one in until the thundering guitars land a sucker punch… and off we go on a melodic, guitar fueled roller coaster, moving at a pace that demands you hold on for dear life.

“Serenade the Ley Line” is straight up power pop through paisley glasses, bouncing along into a catchy chorus that’s easy to remember even after a single listen.  “Days of Set” shares a commonality with both of the aforementioned tracks – it’s a bit more conventional but it’s melodic and carries a similar punch.

Catchy melodies and terrific songwriting carry the day, albeit from a decidedly paisley perspective. And, it’s a guitar enthusiast’s dream. They’re gorgeous throughout the entirety of the record.

Ego Ritual’s new EP is a great way to start off the new year. You’ll want to start writing 1968 on all your checks…. except the one to Internal Revenue. Not a good idea.

Release date is set for January 18. Pre-order your copy now at Kool Kat Musik.