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Posted by on Dec 21, 2017 in Music, News |

The Blasters Rockabilly Christmas Show 2017

The Blasters Rockabilly Christmas Show 2017

The Christmas Season would not be complete without at least one religious experience. Fortunately, The Blasters were there to deliver unto us the gospel according to Lightnin’ Hopkins and Sonny Burgess. This was the Phil Alvin version of The Blasters without Dave, but it was still highly enjoyable. And some of the kids who were there to see some of the later bands found out what what American Music really means.

More than just a few of the Millenials in attendance had an epiphany, I’m sure. And old folks like me…well, we felt reborn.

I caught a few songs on video so, as my Christmas gift to you, I thought I’d share them. You’ll see/hear the classics “Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Stand”, “American Music” and “Marie, Marie”. Merry Christmas, everybody!