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Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in News, Powerpop |

Powerpop Review: The Fad’s The Now Sound

Powerpop Review: The Fad’s The Now Sound

The latest disc from The Fad was in fact recorded twenty plus years ago. As the story goes, the band recorded a 6 song EP that, due to mistakes in judgement from its producer, turned out to be a disaster. Thanks to today’s technology and Ray over at Kool Kat Musik, The Fad’s EP (and several other songs recorded at that time) can now be heard as they were originally intended to sound. If you’re a fan of the Dave Clark Five or Direct Hits, you’ll enjoy this collection of high energy numbers with hand-claps and harmonies, all guaranteed to please your powerpop sensibilities.

the fad 80s powerpop“Fad Theme”, the band’s theme song, appropriately begins the proceedings. The clanging guitars and harmonies of “Where The Colors Are” reassure the listener that The Fad would have fit in nicely with contemporaries such as The Late Show or Plimsouls. “Lark City” is a one minute five second instrumental exercise in pure fun ala The Champs and “I Don’t Like Jets” reminds me of some early outtakes I’d once heard from another classic powerpop band – Shoes. It’s hum-able melody and hooky chorus make “Tomorrow She’s Leaving” one of the disc’s high points.

The Now Sound concludes with perhaps my favorite track named “The Swing’s The Thing”, a pseudo-surf number. It’s a little Link Wray and a little Fabulous Baggys. More than anything though, its lots of fun.

The production isn’t as radio ready as I’d like but still, the songs are catchy and memorable. Bottom line: If you don’t dig The Now Sound, you’re dullsville, man. Get your copy here.