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Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in Music, News, Powerpop Chords |

Guitar Chords Heartless Devils’ “I Blame You” & News!

Guitar Chords Heartless Devils’ “I Blame You” & News!


Way back when music still made a difference (2012 to be exact), along came a band that captured the basic elements of what rock n roll is supposed to be all about.

As much fun as Ramones bubble-gum punk, slightly more twisted than your favorite rockabilly band and catchy as all Hell, The Heartless DevilsEl Diablo Sin Corazon was one of the best surprises of that year in music.

Just yesterday, the Heartless Devils’ Scott Bittner shared the following news with Carolina Orange:

“Got some good news on our end. Tomorrow night we finish up the recording of our upcoming EP “The Devil’s Garage”. Mixing should be finished the following weekend. Probably get released after the New Year but we’ll see.  Artwork to be done by Steven Cerio. 6 songs, very Garage Rock sounding. Really psyched!”

With a street date some time early next year. Heartless Devils fans have every reason to rejoice!

In the meantime, here’s the chords to one of my favorites from El Diablo Sin Corazon entitled “I Blame You”. There’s no harm in learning an old favorite while waiting for a street date for the next Heartless Devils release. You can read a little about El Diablo Sin Corazon and The Heartless Devils here.

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