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Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in News, Powerpop Chords, powerpop guitar chords |

Guitar Chords: Gear Daddies – She’s Happy

Guitar Chords: Gear Daddies – She’s Happy

Here is the chord transcription for ‘She’s Happy’, one of my favorite songs from one of the 90’s best Midwestern bands, The Gear Daddies. I’ve notated it in the key of F# major. Basically it sounds like the guitar is tuned down one half step, so the tuning (from 6th to 1st strings) would be Eb – Ab – Db – Gb – Bb – Eb. On the recording, Martin Zellar uses the chords G, C, D and Em, but since the guitar is tuned down a half step the sound comes out of F# major. But you can play it in standard tuning just by following the chords I have written above the lyrics.

Hope it works for you. And as always, if you notice any errors, let me know in the comment section.

she's happy guitar chords

The Gear Daddies released 3 LPs starting with 1988’s Let’s Go Scare Al. In 1990, the band followed that up with Billy’s Live Bait and finally released Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice in 1992. Their track entitled “Zamboni” is one of the best songs in the sports genre ever written in my opinion and should be included on every compilation of that kind. The lead singer and songwriter for The Gear daddies, Martin Zellar, went on to record some very good solo records including Born Under, Martin Zellar and the Hardways (and excellent LP, imo), Two Guitars, Bass and a Drum (a terrific live set), and numerous others.

From what I understand, Zellar relocated to Austin TX with his family in the mid 00’s and is active in local politics.