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Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Music, News, Powerpop |

More Powerpop from The Allrightniks

More Powerpop from The Allrightniks

We’ve gotten a taste of what Roanoke, Virginia’s Allrightniks are about with their previous three EPs. With Two Places at One Time, The Allrightniks (Jeremy Georgeff on guitar, Chuck Crush on bass, and Vic Terry on drums) give us their first full length release. Fortunately, there’s plenty of harmonies, hooks and jangle to sink your teeth into.

allrightniks powerpopThe LP starts off with “Nice To Know”, a catchy bit of British Invasion influenced powerpop that works as a fine introduction to what these guys do. The meaty guitar in “I Can’t Wait” may remind one of Greg Pope’s work and the melody will stick with you long after the 1st listen. If you remember John Wicks’ (The Records) mid 90’s material, you’ll really enjoy the countrified “The One”. Fans of Rubber Soul – Revolver era Beatles will dig “Vacation” and the title track would make a great band movie song as it kinda reminds me of The Mosquitos’ “That Was Then, This Is Now” or to a lesser extent, Adam Schlesinger’s “That Thing You Do”.

Give the Allrightniks’ new one a spin and you’re sure to find a few favorites. If PT Barnum was right when he said “Always leave them wanting more”, then The Allrightniks have succeeded with Two Places at One Time.