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Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Golden Seals’ Stay Golden – A Review

The Golden Seals’ Stay Golden – A Review

Having had a quick look at the releases’ “cover”, one is struck by a single thought. I hope the band spent more time on the music than they did on the cover art. Fortunately, that is very definitely the case.

stay-goldenLast time I wrote a review of a Golden Seals record, 2012’s Increase the Sweetness, I was taken by the diversity of their influences, from Squeeze to the Brill Building songwriters of the 60’s. Increase the Sweetness was highly recommended at that time (and still is). The Golden Seals’ new release, Stay Golden, shares some of the same virtues, with songs that are reminiscent of the work of past pop icons without sounding derivative. These are unconventional takes, for sure.

The record starts out with a story/tune called “The Summer of Tough Love”, with lyrics that would make Andy Partridge jealous for not having written them himself.

“In ’71 it came to pass , we moved to the Valley of the Shattered Glass, lived in an abbatoir rent-free – the Dysfunctionals and me”.

“Summon All The Goodness in your Heart” summons up latter career XTC, and does so very successfully as its catchy as all get-go. “I Have The Touch” is a more angular composition but equally as enjoyable.  The folky “Deportee (Plane Wreck at Las Gatos)” is the sole acoustic number and a pleasant diversion.

Every track is a departure from the last, and each has something about it that make the listener smile. There are ten tracks in all, seven tracks of new material and three alternate takes – hence the great price of $5.00, one would guess. Pick up Stay Golden in digital format by clicking HERE.