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Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Music, News |

CD Review: The Len Price 3 – Nobody Knows

CD Review: The Len Price 3 – Nobody Knows

The Len Price 3 hit you right in the face with a one-two punch I’ve not heard in quite some time. Their influences are immediately evident from the opening track, “Nobody Knows”.  A two minutes and thirty two seconds blast of punk-pop power, the Len Price 3 give notice that they can kick ass like few others. But there is so much more to these guys.

From mod to garage to power-pop, The Len Price 3 seamlessly drift between genres with a effortlessness that suggests that they’re much more than a retro mod-pop act. Like Ray Davies, Glen Page is adept at creating character vignettes that are uniquely English and the perfect vehicle through which he can express himself. “My Grandad Jim” comes to mind. At other times, Page channels Paul Weller as in “Billy Mason”, a song that would have been deserving of a place on any Jam album.

lp3-cover“Couldn’t Get Much Worse” has an infectious melody and the Small Faces influenced “Wigmore Swingers” is unforgettable. But when you hear the Who influenced “The London Institute”, you’ll know why this disc is such a triumph.

Pick this one up. It’s among the best of 2014 so far.