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Posted by on Jan 5, 2012 in Music, News |

Top 11 Albums of 2011: #8 Old 97’s – The Grand Theatre Vol. 2

Top 11 Albums of 2011: #8 Old 97’s – The Grand Theatre Vol. 2

Here’s #8 in our countdown of the 11 best albums of 2011….

Old 97’s – The Grand Theatre Vol. 2

Last year the Old 97’s recorded some new songs at a session in Austin in an effort to recapture the spark that was their 90’s material. After some tweaking they produced The Grand Theatre Vol. 1 , the most spontaneous (and probably the best) recording they’ve done since that time. The remaining songs from that session have been released as The Grand Theatre Vol. 2, and while not as good as it’s predecessor, it’s another fine effort.

From Paste Magazine:

The Olds are still finding new ways to mix the country they love with the pop they love even more, and the result is a dusty sound that’s nervous and coiled, never laconic or casual like so many other Lone Star acts. The instrumental “Marquita” showcases Bethea’s jittery guitar work, and Hammond’s “White Port” rollicks along heartily, throwing disparate elements together—sea-shanty sing-alongs, yodeling, pop-song handclaps, Bakersfield guitar—until it all makes perfect sense.

While they don’t have quite the spark they had back in the day, they come pretty close with an excellent bunch of new tunes. Highlights include: Brown Haired Daughter, I’m a Train Wreck, No Simple Machine, Ivy, and Marquita.

Old 97’s / Rhett Miller