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Posted by on Sep 27, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Edward O’Connell – Feel Some Love

Edward O’Connell – Feel Some Love

You may know Edward O’Connell from his superb debut album, 2010’s Our Little Secret. Following in the same vein, 2014’s Vanishing Act was another winner. Eight years and one pandemic later, he gives us Feel Some Love, a 15 song collection that’ll make ya feel all warm inside.

Just as with previous efforts, the songs on this new album have a definitive flavor. At times a song may remind you of some of the old Stiff Records acts like Nick Lowe or Elvis Costello. The tunes are short, catchy and have mega-hooky choruses. O’Connell sites influences such as Parthenon Huxley (who contributes vocals) and Tommy Keene, both DC area guys. Whatever influence you wish to attribute it to, these songs command your attention. They demand that you sing along to them.

The title track is a great example. A positive message, killer guitar and piano riffs make for a great tune. Some of the acts in the old Stiff Records stable would be envious of “I’ve Got a Million of ‘Em”. Shimmering guitars and Robert Harrison’s harmony vocals make “All My Sin” a huge hit with this reviewer.

Big Name Guest Appearances

This is as good a time as any to mention O’Connell’s very talented guests, most notably Robert Harrison (Cotton Mather) and the aforementioned Mr. Huxley. Both are huge favorites of mine. As always, they make a good thing just a little better. Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) also contributes his vocal prowess.

Other highlights include the piano driven, Zevon-like “Something Is Right”, the jangly “Things Have Really Changed”, “Who’s Watching Your Baby” and the album’s only cover, “Sad and Lonely”.

The core band consists of: Buddy Speir (guitars), Scott McKnight (bass), Jon Carroll (keyboards) and Chuck Sullivan (drums).

October Release Date

Edward O’Connell’s Feel Some Love has a release date of October 14. You can buy the album at Edward’s website or Bandcamp page.