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The 80’s were a wonderful time in Syracuse NY. I left with an art degree and high hopes. Some would say that I must have been high to graduate with an art degree and think there was any hope.

Here we are, many greeting cards, illustrations, and children’s books later. On the wrong end of 44 (if you don’t know the significance of that number then you’re on the wrong blog), I found that I get a great deal of satisfaction from blogging – usually about music or sports – and the time seemed right to share my interests and experiences with others of similar mind. Hey, I’ve suffered for my art. Now it’s your turn.

I became an artist because I was told that I couldn’t write. While some insist that I still can’t (write), I manage to actually get paid for it. And I’m decent at it. My royalty checks say so. In the immortal words of the great philosopher Al Bundy, “The opera ain’t over till the last heterosexual falls asleep”.

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Rich Rossi