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Posted by on May 4, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Extra Arms – What is Even Happening Right Now?

Extra Arms – What is Even Happening Right Now?

In order to survive in today’s digital music world, one must be prolific. To that end, Ryan Allen and Extra Arms are about to release their annual ten tune, hook filled, guitar fest called What is Even Happening Right Now?.  Just as with last year’s #1 album What a Rip, there are some surprises in store for the punk pop connoisseur.

While 2021’s What a Rip may have taken a bit of a detour into 60’s influenced sounds, this latest collection of songs are firmly planted in the here and now (hence the LP’s name). Hints of Sugar and Superchunk still permeate – which is a very good thing, indeed.

An ode to man’s best friend, “Big Dogs” is vintage Extra Arms – big guitars propelled by Dan Stover’s monster drumming. Without hesitation, Dan leads us into the album’s next track, “Falling Into Place”. One of my favorites in this collection, the song features a great guitar hook courtesy of Michael Gallacher along with a short but sweet solo.

Buoyed by Ryan Marshall’s driving bass, “Feeling Alright” is yet another catchy number with hand claps and synth reminiscent of The Cars. The album concludes with perhaps my favorite song on Right Now, “I Don’t Wanna Die”. With “Die” as the old P.T. Barnum adage suggests, Extra Arms leave us wanting more.

Contributions abound with Scott Allen, Mathew Caws, Bob Nanna, Lily Paul, Chris Hatfield and Matt Jones all having added something special to the finished product. With that and the expert mixing and mastering of Paul Miner, we get to experience the fruits of their labor. Life is good.

Extra Arms Release Date Set

Extra Arm’s new one, What is Even Happening Right Now?, will see it’s official release on June 3. You can pre-order it through their label, Forge Again Records. It’s available digitally and on white vinyl, too (limit 300 copies)!  GET IT HERE.