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Posted by on May 10, 2022 in News, Powerpop |

Exciting News from Jim Styring & It’s Karma It’s Cool!

Exciting News from Jim Styring & It’s Karma It’s Cool!

Coming off of their second LP (and one of our top power pop albums of 2021), It’s Karma It’s Cool have a few surprises in store for us. Jim Styring stopped by to share the exciting news. So without further ado…

PPN: Before we begin I have to know – have you grown tired of pandemic related questions yet?

Jim: Unfortunately, it’s just something we’ve all had to adapt to, and cope with, best we can. It was certainly looking like we’d forever be talking about it. They’ve been trying times for everyone, not just the music world. Hopefully, we’ve turned a corner and things are improving. 

PPN: 2020’s Woke Up In Hollywood featured a song that was perhaps the best single of that year, “Wooden Buddha”. Last year’s Homesick For Our Future Destinations is best experienced as an album – that is to say, it’s more a novel as opposed to a collection of short stories. So, what’s next? 

Jim: We’ve been writing, and are currently recording, a bunch of new songs. We toyed with the idea of releasing another CD, but decided on making these new songs ‘download only’ singles; releasing a new track every few weeks or so. It’s something we’ve not done before as a band, and as we’re always looking for new ways to get our music out there, we decided to do it the digital way for a change. The songs will be available from all the usual digital platforms and our Bandcamp. We’ll be announcing over the coming weeks release dates, etc. Please stay tuned!

PPN: Rumor has it that you’ve got a secret weapon involved on this latest project – one of the most revered people in the world of power pop. He’s also a local boy to those of us in and around Winston-Salem. Can I get you to spill the beans?

Jim: Yes! And this is an exclusive announcement for Power Pop News! We are extremely excited to welcome the one and only Peter Holsapple to the band, for three of the new songs! Peter, along with Chris Stamey, formed the legendary jangle-pop band, the dB’s, and was full-time auxiliary guitarist and keyboardist for REM on their huge Green world tour. He also played on their multi-platinum album, Out Of Time, with a further list of credits including, Hootie & the Blowfish and Continental Drifters. We are over the moon to have him onboard as honorary ‘5th member’ of It’s Karma It’s Cool. He’s brought a little magic to the tracks, and plays on ‘Winter Coats’ ‘A Gentle Reminder’ and ‘City Kids’ We can’t wait for you to hear them! Folks who have followed us this far are going to love them. 

PPN: How has the business of moving “records” changed since 2013’s Pop Dogs for Cool Cats

Jim: That band and album seem like a lifetime ago! There’s no doubting things have changed, the world’s moved on. I think most bands will tell you, album sales aren’t what they once were, people can stream for free. That’s got to have a knock-on effect for everyone involved in making music. I guess there’s far more people listening than ever before, but far fewer paying their hard-earned cash to do so. 

PPN: I understand you’ll be part of this year’s International Pop Overthrow festival. I recall first attending IPO in 2002 and more recently bumped into IPO guru David Bash at the John Wicks Benefit show in 2017 (just outside Hollywood, coincidentally). He puts on quite a show. Please share the details with us – and is there any chance we’ll hear a new song or two

Jim: Yes, we’re playing Liverpool IPO on Wednesday 18th May, at The Cavern Club and Cavern Pub. It’s always a great festival and a great way to check out new bands who share similar sounds and influences. David and Rina work incredibly hard to make it happen and we can’t wait to be part of it. We’ll be playing songs from our first 3 releases, ‘Hipsters and Aeroplanes’ ‘Woke Up In Hollywood’ and ‘ Homesick For Our Future Destinations’ See you there!

For those taking notes, that’s May 18th for the IPO show at The Cavern Club. And stay tuned for more news and updates on It’s Karma It’s Cool and their upcoming singles series with Peter Holsapple.

Thanks, Jim!