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Posted by on Mar 9, 2022 in Music, News | 2 comments

Benefit for War-Torn Ukraine from Kool Kat

Benefit for War-Torn Ukraine from Kool Kat

Inspired by a recent conversation, Ray Gianchetti (Kool Kat Musik) and Frank Gradishar (Thrift Store Halo), are announcing a new CD project to benefit the citizens of war-torn Ukraine. 100% of the profits will be sent through a legitimate charity (Amnesty International, for example) to ensure the monies get to the right people.

If you’re an artist or a band interested in contributing an unreleased track, please email Ray Gianchetti at Including only unreleased tracks will make this collection really special. Please bear this in mind before contacting Ray.

In addition, they need free mastering (you will be credited). It’s a great way to make a difference.

A Facebook page dedicated to the project will be set up soon. We’ll keep you updated on its progress. As of yet, no deadline has been established for submissions but if you’d like to participate, please contact Ray as soon as possible. Once again, Ray’s email address is

More soon.


  1. I am disappointed by your virtue signaling. Power pop should be a way of escaping our poisonous and pervasive political atmosphere.

    • Hey Matt –

      I certainly don’t wish to disappoint you. However, if you know anything about me, you would know that I don’t “virtue signal”. I was asked by a friend to share something. My friends are dear to me. If loyalty to a friend disappoints you, I’ll take the bullet.