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Posted by on Aug 24, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Popravinas – Goons West

The Popravinas – Goons West

The Popravinas are back again with their unique brand of garage pop. Their new one, Goons West, picks up where 2019’s Willy Nilly left off – a little rough around the edges with a sound that lies somewhere between The Beat Farmers and The Replacements.

They’ve perfected their formula with the very catchy “Do The Creep”, the disc’s lead off track. It’s an incredibly hooky song and perhaps their best single to date.  The twangy “Self Made Derecho” is instantly catchy – and now I know what the term derecho means. Where else can you expand your vocabulary and listen to something really cool at the same time?

“Bunkin’ in Reno” is a helluva lot of fun. I bet it would be fantastic live. It would make a great bluegrass tune if they decided to go that way with it, too.

There’s twang to spare throughout the entirety of Goons West with “Feasibility Holdout” being the highlight of highlights for me. The chorus is a monster hook and impossible to forget.  “Might Want Out” is another memorable gem.

Eleven tracks in all, Goons West is all studs, no duds. You can GET YOUR COPY OF GOONS WEST HERE.