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Posted by on Feb 19, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop | 0 comments

The Overtures – OnceinaWorld

The Overtures – OnceinaWorld

From the opening track, you get the feeling you’re back in the 60’s. But The Overtures and Once in a World are so much more than a retro act. One listen through and you realize that the twelve songs within are each and every one pop gems, well written with wicked harmonies and lots of jangly 6 and 12 string guitar.

It’s first-rate power pop from the opening with the jangle and harmony of “Til Your Luck Runs Out”. What distances this track from most power pop is the lyrical content – stellar in this case. The title track follows and it’s all handclaps and harmonies. “The Hollow Bells” chimes appropriately with an absolutely killer chorus.

For me, “She Belongs to Yesterday” may be the most satisfying track I’ve heard this year. It’s one of those songs you think you’ve heard before because it employs old formulas but in a new way. It’s Beatles meets Byrds meets Searchers and very memorable.

I won’t discuss every track on The Overtures’ Once in a World but suffice it to say, this one isn’t your average exercise in retro power pop. Stellar songwriting and masterful execution make it something to get excited about.

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