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Posted by on Apr 14, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop | 0 comments

The No Ones – The Great Lost No Ones Album

The No Ones – The Great Lost No Ones Album

Scott McCaughey’s most recent albums have been less accessible than some of the early The Minus 5 or Young Fresh Fellows records. This time around as The No Ones, Scott, Peter Buck (REM, Minus 5), Frode Stramstad and Kiesrud Mathisen give us The Great Lost No Ones Album – a baker’s dozen of tunes with all of the charm and quirkiness of previous efforts – and plenty of radio friendly pop, too.

Leading off with the single “No One Falls Alone” and it’s positive message, guitar jangle and lovely harmonies, the guys pick up the tempo with “(Going Back To) Stockholm Syndrome”. Its feverishly wild guitars and lovely feedback are a joy to the ear.  “Clementine” is a departure of sorts, blending the Minus 5 sound with that of the Manchester bands of the 80’s.

“Straight Into the Bridge” swings with fuzz and feedback while “Dream Something Else” is some delicious, jangly psyche-pop. The album concludes with one of it’s best and most radio friendly tracks, “Turn Again”.

If you’re a former fan Minus 5 who has wandered, now is a good time to come home to Scott McCaughey and the gang. This new collaboration with the guys from I Was A King seems to have added new life to the Minus 5 formula. You can get the physical CD version from Kool Kat Musik and the digital version from Bandcamp.

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