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Posted by on Feb 25, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop | 0 comments

Big Stir Singles – The Fifth Wave

Big Stir Singles – The Fifth Wave

On March 6, Big Stir releases its fifth singles compilation and its first of 2020.  Entitled Big Stir Singles – The Fifth Wave, the album features A and B sides from a number of Big Stir label and non-label bands. You’ll hear new ones from some of this blog’s favorites such as Mod Hippie, The Tor Guides, Lannie Flowers, It’s Karma It’s Cool, The Morning Line, The Armoires, and The Forty Nineteens.

Like any singles compilation, some tracks stand out more than others. That said, there’s some seriously good music here. Even the covers are well chosen. Start with GoAllTheWays and “Silly Girl”. Bill Stevenson wrote punk rock’s catchiest songs for Descendents and later ALL, so “Silly Girl” was a natural choice for a jangly re-work. While covers are almost never as good as the original, GoAllTheWays do a great job giving an old but unforgettable track a shiny, new coat of paint.

Mod Hippie’s “Saturday Show” is balls to the wall good. The Tor Guides’ “Make You Mine”, a B-side,  has a delightful, bubblegum vibe to it. Similarly, The Forty Nineteens’ “Tell Me” moves to a jungle beat and the hard to forget chorus works great. The Armoires’ “Pushing Forty” gets the blood pumping, too.

The most noteworthy tracks though, are from Lannie Flowers and It’s Karma It’s Cool. Flowers’ “My Street” hangs on a wonderfully simple bass line. Add a terrific lyric, Lannie’s expressive vocals and chiming guitars and you get pure gold. “My Street” was one of 2019’s best singles and Lannie Flowers’ Home, one of last year’s best power pop albums.

When I first heard It’s Karma It’s Cool’s “Wooden Buddha”, I knew that 2020 would be a great year for music. Far and away the catchiest single of the year so far, it’s got everything. Jim Strying writes killer hooks as is the case here. And with thoughtful lyrics and outstanding musicianship throughout, this is the great single I normally have to wait all year for. And its here already thanks to the folks at Big Stir.

“Wooden Buddha” is from a forthcoming album by It’s Karma It’s Cool so we’ll keep you apprised of it’s release date and availability as we learn more. Based on early returns, it’s gonna be awesome.

Although it’s not available until Friday March 6, you can pre-order it now and have it on your doorstep from day one. Available on CD or Digital Download, you can order yours now at

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