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Posted by on Dec 11, 2019 in Music, News | 0 comments

Jittery Jack – Gonna Have a Time With….

Jittery Jack – Gonna Have a Time With….

I was worried I’d go an entire year without hearing a solid rockabilly record. Jittery Jack’s Gonna Have a Time With…. got here just in time. This one is a Rum Bar Records re-release of a 2014 album. Normally, I don’t bother with re-releases. But I love rockabilly and frankly, I haven’t heard anything good along this vein in a long time.

On first listen, I would describe Jittery Jack’s sound as a rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly hybrid, inspired by the likes of Hank Williams, Carl Perkins and all the Sun Record folks. And Amy Griffin’s guitar work is filthy good.  

Some of the better tracks include the opener, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. Griffin’s guitar is absolutely sinful here. You can hear a little Hank Williams in “Boston (My Home Town)”. “Dance Adrianne Dance” is a catchy number and “Boston Baby” is glorious Chuck Berry/Eddie Cochran era rock ‘n’ roll. Carl Perkins fans will dig “Peek-a-Boo Honey”.

Lo-fi production sensibilities serve the overall sound well. That said, my only gripe is that I would have liked a little more emphasis on background harmonies. But that’s nit picking. Jittery Jack’s Gonna Have a Time With… is another fine Rum Bar release. GET IT HERE.

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