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Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop | 0 comments

International Pop Overthrow Vol 22

International Pop Overthrow Vol 22

David Bash’s International Pop Overthrow Volume 22 is out. And similar to his IPO showcases, you’ll recognize some of your favorite bands – but it’s the great, as of yet undiscovered tracks that will keep you going back for more. With 69 tracks in total, the annual IPO CD release provides you with a glimpse of what’s happening – a wide angle view of the power pop landscape.

On disk one, you’ll recognize a few of this site’s favorites such as The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club, Nick Frater, The Morning Line and Blake Jones and The Trike Shop. They all contribute great tracks but Blake Jones and Co. give you something completely different. If you haven’t heard their version of Goldfinger, you have to. Imagine the 007 theme performed by a swarm of bees. It’s wonderfully wacky.

Pecker’s “They Painted with Their Fingers” is a delightfully bouncy, Elvis Costello influenced number that employs gorgeous harmonies and a catchy chorus to hook the listener. Bird Streets‘ jangly “The Rabbit” is a real joy and The Popdudes’ Beatle-esque “Dance With Me Tonight” is a lot of fun. All of these three were new to me.

Disk two features perhaps my favorite song from this year so far, The Brothers Steve’s “She”. There’s also perennial faves Three Hour Tour and who doesn’t love themselves a little Lannie Flowers now and then?

Scott Gagner’s Hummingbird Heart is one of the best power pop albums of this year and the album’s terrific single, “Bella”, is a disk three highlight. And once you hear Danny Wilkerson’s “Too Much of a Good Thing”, you can say you’ve heard the best single of last year. Bleu produced this one so there’s plenty of ELO influence to be heard here. And while we’re on the Jeff Lynne bandwagon, everybody’s favorite Move influenced band, Anderson Council is here, too.

Point is, it’s not just the bands you’ve heard of before that make IPO Volume 22 a worthy listen. In fact, it’s the bands you haven’t heard that make these annual releases special. Get your copy of International Pop Overthrow Volume 22 HERE.

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