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Posted by on Dec 28, 2017 in Music, News, Powerpop | 0 comments

Best Power Pop Albums of 2017

Best Power Pop Albums of 2017

Here’s 2017’s Best Power Pop Albums list. In addition to the 20 best albums of 2017, I’ve listed the top 3 reissues, top 3 EPs and top 3 non power pop albums. A few things to note: The Red Button’s Now It’s All This! was included on two lists as it contained reissues as well as an EP of new music. Somerdale’s Maggie Says It Again was included as a reissue. It it had previously been released although it contained a couple of added tracks that were new.

The last five or six albums were tough to pick as I could have chosen another 20 or more really good releases – so this is by no means meant to be a definitive or comprehensive list. Let me know where I missed the mark. Also, please leave a comment regarding your own favorites.

1. Plastic Soul – Therapy

Plasticsoul – Therapy

2. Sitcom Neighbor – Shag

Sitcom Neighbor – Shag

3. Cotton Mather – Wild Kingdom

Cotton Mather – Wild Kingdom

4. Colman Gota – Fear the Summer

Colman Gota – Fear The Summer

5. Wesley Fuller – Inner City Dream

Wesley Fuller – Inner City Dream

6. The Stanleys – S/T

The Stanleys – S/T

7. Scott Gagner – Pins & Needles

Scott Gagner – Pins & Needles

8. Derrick Anderson – A World of my Own

Review: Derrick Anderson – A World Of My Own

9. Dave Caruso – Buddha Pest Manifesto

Dave Caruso – Buddha Pesto Manifesto

10. Terry Anderson – Jimmy’s Arcade

Terry Anderson – Jimmy’s Arcade

11. The On and Ons – Welcome Aboard

The On and Ons’ Welcome Aboard

12. Odd Robot – A Late Night Panic

Odd Robot – A Late Night Panic

13. Richard Turgeon – In Between the Spaces

Richard Turgeon – In Between the Spaces

14. Pop Co-op – Four State Solution

Pop Co-op – Four State Solution

15. Eye Rollers – Hidden Holiday

EyeRollers – Hidden Holiday

16. Forty Nineteens – Good Fortune

Forty Nineteens – Good Fortune

17. Your Gracious Host – Boomerang

Tom Curless & Your Gracious Host – Boomerang

18. Propeller – Don’t ever let this let you down

Propeller – Don’t Ever Let This Let You Down

19. Len Price 3 – Kentish Longtails

Len Price 3 – Kentish Longtails

20. The Wellingtons – End of the Summer

The Wellingtons’ End of the Summer

Best Reissues 0f 2017:

1. The Red Button – Now It’s All This**

The Red Button – Now it’s All this!

2. Somerdale – Maggie Says It Again*

Somerdale – Maggie Says It Again

3. The Searchers – Another Night: The Sire Recordings 1979-1981

Top EPs 0f 2017:

1. The Tripwires – Fat City Let’s Go!

The Tripwires’ Fat City Let’s Go!

2. The Red Button – Now It’s All This!**

The Red Button – Now it’s All this!

3. Jamie & Steve – Subtexural

Jamie & Steve – Sub Textural

Best Non-Power Pop Albums:

1. Old 97’s – Graveyard Whistling
2. Lilly Hiatt – Trinity Lane
3. The Professionals – What in the World



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