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Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 in Music, News | 1 comment

The Heartless Devils’ El Diablo Sin Corazon – devilishly charming powerpop from NY

The Heartless Devils’ El Diablo Sin Corazon – devilishly charming powerpop from NY

From the dime store novel intro to the Lou Reed reference in the opening cut, “Horror Show”, The Heartless Devils’ El Diablo Sin Corazon had my attention. Rather it grabbed me by the throat and gave me a violent shake.

The devil is in the details, as they say. Don’t be fooled by the Iggy-esk (at times) stylings of lead singer Scott Bittner or the band’s slightly sinister rockabilly sound, this is powerpop in all it’s hook-filled glory…with spot on harmonies and something of a punk sensibility. Together with Blaine Horn on bass and James Rosario on drums, these guys make a powerful three piece.

“Bad Luck Charm”, the video for which you’ll find below, seemed fairly innocuous until I found myself wanting to shout “Hey Ho!” Ramones style during parts. The same can be said for Hit and Run, another winner. “Blame you” is a powerpop gem with an unforgettable chorus. “I blame you, I blame you, I blame you for everything!” Bitter and twisted with a simply irresistible chorus. I couldn’t help shouting along with it, simply delighted I wasn’t at the receiving end for a change.

Shit….I’m having *fun*. Songs that make you hum along can be great and then sometimes they can seem lightweight. But songs that make you shout along tap into something almost primal. They make you feel

These Devils deal in an aggressive (as in loud, crunchy guitars), tightly delivered, and catchy brew of power pop, hard rock, and punk. Theirs is a mix of raw, fun, snotty ‘n snarly, and hook filled rock and roll. Think the Ramones meet Cheap Trick with some Social Distortion, Dahlmanns (yes The Dahlmanns!), and Plimsouls thrown into the mix for good measure! – Kool Kat Musik

Other cuts that distinguish themselves include “So Bad”, “Little Something”, and “Favorite Song”, a tune that
wouldn’t be totally out of place on the fabled Bubblegum Motherfuckers collection. Bittner even makes mention of some standout tracks from the Bubblegum genre at the end of the song. With references to Rick Springfield, 1910 Fruitgum Company, and Cheap Trick, it sounds to me as if Bittner misses AM radio almost as much as Joey Rammone did.

I realize that not everyone will enjoy El Diablo Sin Corazon, although if you like power-pop and mindless fun The Heartless Devils would be worth checking out — but if you’re looking for something heavy or sleazy you’d be best to go elsewhere. Too safe for the punks and too soft for the headbangers, The Heartless Devils may have trouble finding an audience yet have cross-over appeal written all over them — the biggest difficulty will be finding the band’s most appealing market. – SleazeRoxx

Let’s give the Heartless Devils their due. This is one awesome surprise and one of the best LPs so far in a young but interesting 2012. Twelve tracks in all and never a dull moment. I don’t have any tour information at this point but this is one band I simply MUST see live. And don’t forget to check out the video slideshow below of The Heartless Devils performing “Bad Luck Charm”.

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