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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Music, News | 0 comments

The 10 Worst Christmas Albums of All Time

The 10 Worst Christmas Albums of All Time

I’ve had a thing for Christmas songs ever since I was a kid when I first heard Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Dave sing “Christmas Don’t Be Late”. The season is the reason for such classic holiday goodness as The Kinks‘ Father Christmas, The Pretenders‘ 2000 Miles, and Chuck Berry‘s Run Rudolph, Run. But it’s also to blame for some of the worst tunes of any genre.

And to some, recording a single horribly misguided holiday song isn’t enough. They leave us an entire albums worth of mistakes, a flaming bag of deer crap on our stereo’s doorstep.

Here’s my 10 worst Christmas albums of all time for your edification:

1) David Hasselhoff – The Night Before Christmas

2) Afroman – A Colt 45 Christmas

3) Roseann Barr sings the Christmas Classics

4) William Hung – Hung for the Holidays

5) Christmas on Death Row

6) Mojo Nixon – Horny Holidays

7) RuPaul – Ho Ho Ho

8) Charo – Donde Esta Santa Claus?

9) John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – This Christmas

10) Jessica Simpson – Happy Christmas

I actually paid real legal tender for some of these atrocities. Let me know what your all time worst Christmas records are by leaving a comment below.

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